Photobook review - Saal Digital

Happy New year everyone! Recently, I got the oppurtunity to do a product testing for Saal-Digital( photobook and here is my review.

I have used Photobox and Snapfish products extensively for personal and commision works, but what I got from Saal-Digital was class apart in terms of print quality and binding. I opted for 28 * 19(A4 landscape) 30 pages photobook with glossy spread. The software for designing the layout has to be downloaded and can be used offline. It was pretty straight-forward with lot of pre-defined templates. I opted for full page custom design without borders as that suited my photos which are having more shadows in it than highlights so borders will be a bit distracting. Post-design process and payment were seamless. One thing which I liked most about Saal-Digital is their customer support. My voucher had an expiry date of 2 weeks, which was already over by the time I started designing the album(thanks to my wonderful procrastination abilities) but they were kind enough to extend it!

I got the print within 4 days from order and was absolutely satisfied with the print quality, binding and finish. The colour reproduction in print was absolutely spot on and was way beyond my expectations. I opted to print my first photo story based on an ancient temple dance form in Kerala, Krishnanattam( The backstage shots were all created using only available lights to bring out the realistic looks and I could exactly see that in print. Green, red , yellow and black were the predominant colours I had used in almost all photographs and I had spent great amount of time in making sure its colour callibrated in post production.

I am extremely delighted with my experience of using Saal-digital and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality photo album. Pricing is very reasonable compared to other products in the market and quality doesn't come cheap either!

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