Wall Decor Review - Saal Digital

Recently, I have got a chance to review the Wall-decor product range from Saal-Digital(http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/wall-decors/). Having used Saal-Digital photobook earlier, I knew about the quality and craftsmanship involved and was quite excited to participate in this trial and review.

I had to fill in some details on their website and within two days I got a voucher code worth 50£ and I could use that against any wall-decor products and pay the remaining amount if it is exceeding 50£. I opted for Alu-Dibond Aluminium composite panel with Matte finish(http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/wall-decors/alu-dibond/).

To design the product we need to install the saal-digital software and it is quite seamless with pre-defined templates. After designing the frame, it will take you to payment and delivery page. As expected, within just 2 days I got the delivery in a very well-sealed package. The Alu-dibond finish is way beyond my expectations. I am extremely happy to see the way it came out in print. Clarity and details are just stunning. Another thing which I liked about Alu-Dibond is the sturdiness of the aluminium frame. I opted for a 20*80 dimension, which is a custom size I opted for my Panorama, and it suited my frame well.

I was not sure about the mounting option as I have some restrictions on drilling in my current apartment but I am happy to see that it can be easily mounted using 3M two sided wall hangers which can easily hold up to 5 kg.

If you are looking for high-quality well decors, this product is highly recommended!


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